Garowe City “The Capital of Puntland State”


Garowe is the capital city of Puntland, northeast Somalia, and one of the popular cities in Somalia, it about 947 KM From Mogadishu. Garowe is located in the Nugaal region Somalia, the name of “Puntland” means the Land of Punt where the frankincense and myrrh collected from wild trees by Egyptians, the western part of the same plateau is crossed by numerous valleys and dry watercourses Small and medium mountains.

The Majeerteen Sultanate was founded in the mid-18th century and under the control of the resourceful King Osman Mohamud who has centered in Aluula and it controlled many parts of Somalia in the 19th and early 20th centuries.


The population of only Garowe City estimated 190,000 but the city is surrounding several towns and large rural land that depend on Garowe recourses like Education, economic, health, and related business issues.

The entry point of Garowe 

The city has a third-best airport in Somalia called General Mohamed Abshir Airport, local flights working very well but international flights mostly end to Mogadishu.


Garowe has nearly 30 hotels, many surprisingly high quality and top-rated Hotels, Guest Houses, Apartments, Resorts and relaxing places for rich people hold ceremonies, windings and Tourism attractive places including Grand Hotel, Rayaan park Hote and Jubba Hotel and much more.


Garowe city tour: you can visit the city that you can see beautiful things such as markets, supermarkets, Gardens, Distinctive culture, and open mine community.

Tour to Animal Market:  the livestock market in Garowe is wonderful and so traditional where local people come together every day to buy and sell Camel, Goats, and Cows. Somalia is rich for livestock including Camel, Cow, and Goats, Garowe community economically depends on livestock and has a lot of camels which is the backbone of the GDP of Garowe where Arabs export thousands of livestock that camel is lovely ones.

EYL Town Tour: Eyl is an ancient port town in the northeastern Nugal province of Somalia, it’s about 154 KM from Garowe City, historical artifacts, structures, and rock shelter has seen there.

In the early of the 18th century, the city served as base forces of  Sayyid Mohamed Abdullah, a Somalia hero who fights against British, the still forts remain, in addition to colonial edifices built by the Italians.

Hido-Raac Park: is one of the places that locals take breathing relaxing and families and couples make photo groups and wedding pictures, also you can watch wildlife animals in the park.

Garowe Mountains:  Number of Small and medium mountains situated near south of the City Garowe which you do climbing some of them to reach the pick of the mountain while you walk with a tour guide who knows very well to show you the Valleys and Waterfalls.

Destination Summary

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