About Somalia Safari

Somalia Safari is a local & licensed tour operator which provides tour services entire Somalia, the company was established in 2017 by the Somali entrepreneurs who have great experience in tourism sector  to design comfortable and reliable Safari tour packages in the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu “the Pearl of the Indian Ocean” that was once-thriving tourism a distant memory as well as regional states of the country like Puntland, Somaliland, Galmudug, Hirshaballe, Jubbaland and Southwest state.

The headquarter of the company is Mogadishu the capital of Somalia and has branches entire Federal Member States in the country and expect to extend the neighbouring counties like Kenya and Ethiopia and Djibouti.

Somalia locate on the corner of east Africa countries, the country mostly surrounded by endian Ocean sea and red sea, it’s the longest beach of Africa, it has two rivers which are beautiful and attractive look while joining to the Ocean, Agricultural era in south and central part of Somalia, largest livestock in Africa including Camel, Cow, goat & sheep, wildlife animals, mountains like; Shimbiris, Xaubub, Surud and Waraq and Golis Mountain which are called Highland Mountains.


Somali Safari wants to be the largest Tour operator in Somalia, to add value for revolutionary and innovative of tour services in east Africa.


  • To facilitate traveling to Horn of Africa as easiest way, enjoyable and offers guided, tailored and custom-built of Somali safari itineraries.
  • Takes tourists on guided journeys throughout horn of Africa.
  • Run the paramount safaris for our tourists with professional guides, well maintained safari cars.
  • Organize solo and group of travelers with ideal price and affordable options of destinations.
  • To make Somalia trip favoured ecotourism target in Africa and bringing the value of travel to east Africa country.
  • To inspire the world to discover Somalia, while travelers from overseas to the country and find out marvelous destinations.
  •  To figure out our global network that will help the upgrade of east Africa tourism overseas.


  • To do several tailor-made tours with ranges of avoidable budget and teste.
  • To create secure and reliable communication channel to our lovely travelers around the world to get a real feel of what is hidden in Somalia of nature prosperity and unique atmosphere.
  • To take part country’s development, economic growth and building future infrastructure of the tourism industry.
  • To set up trained tourism workers and accumulate tour operator experts to renovate sightseeing about travel and tourism.
  • Adding value in our company and building good reputation with satisfaction to our client by giving enjoyable tour, comfortable accommodation and commitment support to our visitor and missionaries want to discover our resource.

Our services

Doing tour service is so complicated in Somalia, especially foreigners and they need more cares and responsibilities about their safety, health and making the travellers dream to  reality  or over expectation by do amazing tour inside Somalia which is Somali safari do right now.

We do provide tour packages include, Visa process, Accommodation, Security guards, transportation (soft & armoured Cars), English tour guide (translator), Wife 24Hr and tour best sightseen destinations across the country like beaches, Island, mountains, waterfalls, grassland, reserves era, colonial architectures, rivers, parks, natural hot water places, unique atmosphere, wildlife and livestock and agricultural places.