Afgoye Town ” The green and orange farms”

A brief History of City, Somalia

Afgooye city in southern Somalia in the lower Shebelle region, it is located inward on Shebelle River in the northwest of the capital of Somalia Mogadishu, is about 30 KM from the Mogadishu.

Afgooye was the capital of the Galdi sultanate afterward fall the sultanate of Ajuran in the late of the 17th century and now is the largest city in the southwest state after Baidaba.

In the early 20th century, the Afgooye was combined into Italian Somalia, the protectorate of the Kingdom of Italy, which ruled in the 19th century south of Somalia Hobyo.

The city is located in the best agricultural era in Somalia, where Mogadishu people depend on it, covering the need for Mogadishu whether are fruits, Vegetables, Pens, and coops of Maize, Onion, and garlic.

The river divides the city into two parts, you need to take a boat when you cross the other piece of the city because of the River water.

In the 1980s, Afgooye was a common destination for investors from the Arabs, including Saudi, Emiratis, and Qatar. The Emir of Kuwait also reportedly used to visit the town during the holy month of Ramadan.

Hotels and restaurants

Afgooye is near to the capital city of Mogadishu while you can visit and back in one day, but Afgooye is a very beautiful place that you can spend a day of your holiday time seeing the Greenland city of Afgooye the paradise in east Africa Somalia.

You can accommodate during your stay in Afgooye city peace Hotel, Hotel Kismaayo, and Hotel Badar, don’t worry about food is where you catch and eat in all fruits and vegetables you love it.

Attractive locations

  1. Afgooye tour:  the city is very beautiful and prosperous than other of Somalia cities, Afgooye has rivers, farms, and Greenland era that are very attractive to the local people and adventure travelers.
  2. Gross to Afgooye Bridge:  The Bridge is an on the river which very brilliant to see both sides of the river flowing water and green trees that you could consider small paradise in Somalia.
  3. Livestock Market: in Afgooye there is the largest market for animals while hundreds of payers and sellers from Mogadishu & near cities come together daily to purchase thousands of livestock, including goats and Cows and also you visit the Fruits and Vegetables Market there.
  4. Jambaluul village: this village is the Fortune of east Africa is the most gorgeous place in Somalia, the backbone of the country because this village supplies and deliver most Fruits, vegetable, and kernel in Mogadishu and surrounding towns while people could catch & eat everything from farms there. A Jambaluul village is in the area where you can get traditional clothes and materials, drink water and taste local food. While you walk through lush and fruitful orange trees.

Destination Summary

Afgooye is an ancient city and the midpoint of the resource of the country is where the Shebelle River laid its resource, its where made Somalia banana to be number one in the world.