Beletwein City, Hiran



Beledweyne is city located in central Somalia, is capital of the Hiiran region, is situated in the Shebelle Valley close to the border of Ethiopia, and is about 350KM north of Mogadishu, the river divides two part north and west to the city which made Beledweyn brilliant location.

Historically, Beledweyn is an ancient city that Ajuran Empire ruled during the middle Ages and early 17th century, later Beledweyne was combined into Italian Somaliland protectorate which governed the most of south central Somalia including Hobyo and War-sheikh.

The Somalia Youth league was established in 1943 at Beledweyn City and became the Headquarter of the league which against to Italian colony in the country and finally got their victory and born the independent in 1960.

After independence in 1960, the city was made the center of the official Hiiraan region and was announced Beledweyn to be the capital of Hiiraan province.


Beledweyn is one of populous city in Somalia, the population was estimated about 670,000 inhabitants in city and surrounding areas.


Beledweyne has luxury Hotels, Gust Houses, Resorts and relaxing places for people to do ceremonies, windings and travel and Tourism lovers meet including Hiiraan Hotel and Webi Shabelle Hotel, Jabari Hotel, Darasalam Hotel and Hotel SHIIL.


Somalia is rich for livestock including Camel, Cow and Goats, Beledweyne community economically depends on Farms and livestock which is backbone of the GDP of Beledweyn where Galkacyo, Garoowe, Bosaso, Barbara and Hargaysa depends of Fruits and Vegetables from Beledweyne, and livestock is second economy in the region.


Shabbelle River: Beledweyne which divided by the Shebelle River into eastern and western sections which was made the City Unique Destination for Tourist to take small traditional boat by crossing on the river to reach other side of the city.

Baladweyn City: is agricultural and nomads city while farmers and Pastoralists together every day by engaged in livestock herding, Agro-pastoral that are engaged in both livestock herding and farming.

Mountains: Number of Small and medium mountains situated to the Beledweyne City which Somalisafari want to welcome to visit the unknown destinations in Beledweyne. Somalia including River, Valleys and Waterfalls around there.

Liiq liiqato: Bridge: one of the famous Bridge that Italian colony build for the fruits and Vegetables in Beledweyn area.

Farlibah : is a village 45km North West of Beletwein Hiran Region, the palm tree, lakes, animals grazing makes the destination very attractive, it will be among Key destination.


Finally, Somalia Safari wants to exploration Somali tourism destinations that never seen world to promote Somali tourism sectors in country facilitating for you to visit less cost and provide you complete tourism.