Bosasso City “The Most Eastern City of Africa”

Brief History

Bosaso is the commercial, biggest and developing city in Puntland, Bosaso is situated in the north-East of Somalia, on the Gulf of Aden. Originally, this place was known as Bander Qasim. It was the name of an Arab trader who came and settled here in the 20th century. If we trace its history, it is quite clear that the Greeks sailed to this place of commerce and it was a strategic location for them. There have been several clans that have ruled the city since ancient times.

Bosaso is about 1390 KM from the Capital City of Somalia where the distance between Bosaso and Hargeisa is about 870 KM.


BOSSASO is one most populated cities in the state of Puntland, only BOSASO’s recent population estimated at around 700,000 citizens and hosted a lot of refugees from Yemen and Ethiopia.


Bosaso city is good for accommodation and well-rated hotels are there including Ga’ate Hotel which tourists love to accommodate as located at the beach. The beach with blue waters is very relaxing in the evening when the temperature goes down, it’s the ideal place to have dinner with your lovely couple on the beach.


Bosaso City Tour: tour to the ancient city of Bosaso which early people known Mosylon in ancient periods, try to spend your vacation to walk in Bosaso streets, visit old Mosque, Several markets in the city, garden perks, Hotels, and restaurant and meet with locals to know about Somali culture.

Bosaso beach Tour: Walk to the beach of Bosaso, It’s one of the tourist spots that travelers make swimming, sunbathing, and relax in the evenings and sunset time, red sea waves that you will see a lot of local people doing so funny.

Visit Bosaso Seaport:  it is very important because it has served as a refueling station for maritime transport between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf ports.

Biyo Ukulele Tour: This is a wonderful place for swimmers because The water is so transparent that you will have it in the first sight. It gives you natural stream hot water come from inside mountains. locals used for medication and treatment for diseases by swimming some wells there.

Golis Mountains Tour: you can visit Golis mountains surrounding Bosasa city, in mountains will see at the end of the Baalade valley, lies a 2 km to 3 km long earthwork that Somali poems refer to the valley.

Cape Guardafui Tour is a marine strait off the tip of the Horn of Africa that lies between the east region of Somalia and Socotra to the west of the Arabian Sea. It links the Gulf of Adan. Notable places of interest include the Alula Lagoon.

Guardafui was described as early as the 1st century CE in the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea, In the early 19th century, Somali seamen barred entry to their ports along the coast, while engaging in trade with Aden and Mocha, Britain ceded to Italy sovereignty over the disputed region where is located Cape Guardafui in 1894. Starting in 1899, the Italians undertook detailed studies and surveys to build a lighthouse, a large-scale rebellion against Italian rule in that part of Italian Somaliland was underway at the time and troops guarding the new lighthouse and the wireless station repelled two attacks by several hundred rebels in November 1925 and January 1926.

The lighthouse had suffered some damages during the attacks and this was one of the reasons that prompted the authorities to build a stronger, stone, and reinforced concrete lighthouse, which was inaugurated in 1930. The striking new lighthouse was built in the shape of an Italian fascist “Fascio Vittorio”. The lighthouse, which is no longer in use, still has the huge stone ax blade characteristic of fascist symbolism.

A stone lighthouse and radio station were eventually built in the headland, with the former named after Francesco Crispi in 1930, this history narrated from

Destination Summary

Cape Guadaful area has a lot of resources that include: Frankincense, Fishi production, Date Plam, Coal Deposit and Natural water springs and livestock and is one tourist loved to see the real corner of Horn of Africa.