Galka’o City, “Central Region of Somalia”

Brief History

The Galkacyo is the capital of the north-central Mudug region of Somalia. The city was a two-part which Galmudug and Puntland states controlled. The Galkacyo is about 750 KM from Mogadishu, which is the fourth most populous city in Somalia and become the Capital of Mudug in 1960.

Historically, Galkacyo, Mudug region is home of Somali politician persons and Heroes, is a place of origin of Abdullahi Isse Mohamud the father of Somali Independent and Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed the President of Somalia in 2005 till 2008 and General Mohamed Farah Aidid a man who fights with US Military battle 1993 and others because the heroes of Mudug region are very popular in Somali indecency history heroes.

Mudug region consists of four Districts including; Hobyo District, Harardhere District, Jariiban District, and Goldogob District the border of Ethiopia.


The Galkacyo city is one of the growing cities in Somalia and it is a fourth populated city entire country, the population in Galkacyo City only estimated 850,000 nearly and belongs to strategic and large districts including Hobyo.


Galkacyo has virtuous hotels and restaurants that business people and International NGO’s staff accommodate and deserves to host travelers and tourist love to visit Galkacyo, one of the best Hotels in Galkacyo that mostly accommodate Government Officials, Business People and UN staff is called Five Stat Hotel and good Hotel to you can stay is Aaran Hotel.


Galkcayo is a commercial city it connects south and north of the country, it has two airports working properly a lot of flights goes every day, it has a market for livestock that pastoralist brings their Camel, Cow, and goats. The city has a lot of Universities, Schools, Banks, Hotels & Restaurants, Guest Houses, stadiums for footballs, Malls & supermarkets and green parks including Village Peace Garden

Destination Summary

Galkacyo is a very important city and safe for travelers, but it is good for tourists to use the package starting from the Hobyo district, which once was a home of pricey by road safari tour until Galkacyo and it is an about 265 KM distance both cities.