Hobyo Beach Town “Once Home of Piracy”

Brief History

Aday Hobyo is an ancient port city in Somalia especially the Galmudug state in the north-central Mudug region of Somalia, which is the second district that was documented after Zeila.

Hobyo has better days, it prospered for many countries appreciate to Indian Ocean’s busy shipping lanes. A hundred years ago it was the capital of a small sultanate towards 13 centuries and a lively commercial center, drawing in traders in precious metals and pearls.

A day it was a pirate town that is isolated by the rest of the university, For, in a town where a single hijacked vessel can make more than $9 million, it is surprising to know that no one has invested in electricity or generator; the nighttime city was dark because of the most pirates from far regions and money go abroad far away to Hobyo which makes you wonder to believe.

Location and distance of the capital

Hobyo locates a very strategic place its closeness to the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, is one of the most significant sea crossing points in this world, which is the potential for access to international stocks. Hobyo is the largest district in Mudug province.

Hobyo is far from Mogadishu the capital of Somalia estimated 510km and 350km west of Galmudug Capital Dusmoreeb and 265km to Galkacyo city.

Population and culture. 

The population of Hobyo city estimated at around 11,900, although the Somali population increasing nowadays and marriage rising as well, culturally people originally were nomadic people and mostly depends on rural pastoralists till now, the religion is    Muslim 100% as other regions of Somalia.

The facility of Hobyo District

The Hobyo seaport serves as the main port of Galmudug, embraces diverse manufacturing interests, linked by road, sea, and air in horn African’s most populous nations.

City depends on fishing and livestock and has a grassland area that pastoralist love in a rainy time when keeping their sheep and goats there.

Now Hobyo Airport is open while local flights land on two times a week and expecting to build Hobyo seaport as the largest one in Africa to utilize the neighboring countries, also the road from Hobyo to Galkacyo goes to rebuild.

Price to visit Hobyo

To visit Hobyo is not easy it needs organized tour operators which know very well to the district, need cars, accommodation, and security guards who care about your safety during your stay in the city, Hobyo is not a cheap but unique destination.

Activities that tourist can perform in Hobyo

When tourist visit to Hobyo, they can do some activities inside and outside of the city including:

  1. Boating/ fishing visitors can go fishing by using a boat that is very good at Hobyo beach as usually do local fishers.
  2. Visiting wildlife animals and livestock which is very famous for sheep, goat, and caws.
  3. Sunrise and sunset walking to the beachside and grassland which near to the city and small desert area there.
  4. You can watch some wildlife animals like gazelle, warthogs, and birds.


Hobyo district infrastructure is absent including comfortable accommodations, restaurants, markets, hospitals, schools and universities, banks, and other important facilities city needed.

Finally, Hobyo is one of the ancient city in Somalia and an important destination in our country for travelers want to visit Somalia.