Kismayo City “Never miss Goobweyn Paradise”


Kismayo is the third-largest city in Somalia, originally it was a small fishing settlement. During the middle ages, the region was under the rule of the influential Ajuran Sultanate. In the latter half of the 19th century, northern Somali pastoralists settled in Kismayo’s interior joining the population already present.

The subsequent tensions were only put down by the Sultanate of Zanzibar at the beginning of 1870. In 1896 the British administration created the Jubbaland Region, which included the land between the Juba River and the Tana River, as part of British East Africa. Under the Pact of London, the city and its territory were ceded to Italy in 1926.


Kismayo is the second largest metropolitan city in southern Somalia after Mogadishu, with approximately 30 sub-clans making it one of the most diverse cities in Somalia

UNFPA Somalia population estimates of 2014 indicate that Lower Juba has a total population of 489,307; comprising an urban population of 172,861, a rural population of 161,512, 124,334 nomads, and 30,600 IDPs.


Goobweyn: it is the perfect place you can escape from the hustle & bustle of the world frustration & congestion life. A beautiful pleasant smell comes from the fresh air of the river & sea and green trees you feel like you are breathtaking in paradise which is an unbelievable natural atmosphere and eating Somalia best fruits like Mango, Banana, orange juice, watermelon, and Coconut. It lies 15km north of Kismayo City and it is where the Jubba River joins the Indian Ocean.

Kismayo Port: A broad port that regularly receives passengers and freight. This place gives the community a good maritime experience. This lies on an island. A quick drive from the town center down to the port is needed. Along the way, one can even see both sides of the water, as well as some beaches.

Alanley Beach: One of the beautiful beaches in Kismayo city. It hosts many visitors to take pleasure time. It has wonderful sunsets. This beach also has white sand. One can have a hut to have shade from the sun

Arch Musque: a famous mosque that draws tourists and learners in Quranic and Islamic sharia low while the city has a more beautiful Mosque that tourists can visit.

Bajuni Islands: land to the Bajuni people this archipelago boasted natural beauty until 1991, once they were forced out by Somalis during political strife. The islands are heavily populated with birds and plants. There are six main islands, which have different villages, one of the largest uninhabited communities, Chula Island, and Dived opportunities are enormous.

Ras Kamboni Town:  is a town in the Badhaadhe district of Lower Juba region which lies on a peninsula near the border with Kenya, the town is far 270 KM from Kismayo, full of animals and most forest place in Somalia, it is one place you Somalia elephant, lion, tiger, and Giraffe.


If you’re going to travel by air to Kismayo. You’ve got to take on commercial airlines. For example, Jubba Airways operates a weekly flight. This flight is usually scheduled for a Tuesday flight.

Another way to get to Kismayo is to travel by car. Driving time is of about 8 hours and 30 minutes. The total driving distance is around 480 km. Road infrastructure can pose challenges due to poor road conditions in the rainy time.

The facility of Kismayo City

Kismayo is the third Capital City of Somalia and has the best Hotels, Restaurants, Banks, Remittances, functioning Port and the good airport, and all basic file infrastructure including schools, Universities, electricity, and civil transport.

Activities you can do.

  1. City tour: because the city is large and you can spend your time in the city.
  2. Diving activity: you do the fishing and diving to the unique sea.
  3. Beach tour: you can visit beaches in Kismayo and surroundings to swim or breathtaking or sunbathing.
  4. Culture tour: you can visit nomads and pastoralists to know more about Somali cultures having fresh milk from Camel or Cow.
  5. Island tour: you make tour small islands there where you can restart your brain to clean you nervous by noiseless and aroma.
  6. Agricultural tour: you can visit the farm area where you can get Somali fresh fruits, Grains, and Kernel.

Destination summary

Kismayo City is the third capital city Somalia and most populated one than Mogadishu it looks like Lamu in Kenya if you visit Kismayo never regret your trip.