Warsheikh Town ” COASTAL TOWN “


Warsheikh significant historical Islamic center district in the Middle Shabelle region, Somalia, it is situated on the coast north of the capital of Somalia. Located in Hirshabelle State, almost 65 kilometres away from Mogadishu. Warsheikh was one of the prime settlements of the Sultanate of Xamar during the Middle Ages. The town has an ancient mosque located near a cape, which features an inscription noting its construction in 1278H (1861-1862 CE) by Sheikh Abu Bakr b. Mihzar b. Ahmad al-Kasadi.

Regarding oral history, the name ‘Warsheik’ was coined by a religious who want to spread the Islamic religion in Somalia. They felt thirsty after a long journey, and then they raised their hands to pray to Allah to give them water to drink. Allah (duh) answered their prayers. They saw the splash of water on the ground a few steps away. After drinking water, they met pastoralist family and asked the food and hospitality, but the family said no water to cook, the scholar said, “Don’t worry about it go there you will see the water. A woman has taken water, other villagers saw her carrying a Jerry-can and asked her where she gets water, she replied that the sheik told her the information and she followed it (literally Warkii (information) Sheekha (religious scholar).

In 1890 Said Barqash authorities agreed with the Italian colonial administration that Italians would pay them a permission fee for the four ports, including washer and later Italian defeated the Barqash Sultanate and ruled.


The Warsheikh District has a total population of 150,573 residents estimated in 2016.


WARSHEIKH is not like Mogadishu and large cities of Somalia, according to the accommodation and restaurants, because WARSHEIKH has no satisfied hotels and restaurants in which travelers stay at night but they can visit and return to Mogadishu after the tour.


On Fridays, a lot of people visit Warsheik’s great beach and fantastic atmosphere. Many of these people are Somali Diasporas from different countries. They take their free time on the lovely sandy beach and walk on it by holding their hands and has a breathtaking beach while Mogadishu beach is Mogadishu full people.

Activities Travelers can do during the tour.

  1. Driving more than 70 km of beachside, crossing small towns and attractive places.
  2. Swimming in the warm water of the Indian Ocean beach.
  3. Watching of Gazelle wildlife and birds around WARSHEIKH.
  4. Visiting Alifuuto Nature Reserve and grassland area.
  5. Walking on dissert place and open land which is beautiful to watch and you can meet to the Somali nomads.
  6. Doing fishing tours in the sea at WARSHEIKH.


WARSHEIK does not have an airport but you reach by road from Mogadishu to WARSHEIK passes through the beautiful green land, the road has not been constructed in a standardized manner but the road is not bad to drive.

Destination Summary

WARSHEIK city an ancient district and a very important part of tourism destination according to the beaches, older buildings, and grassland with wildlife.